Baerlein & Partners is your crisis management partner on COVID-19

Corporations, private organizations, and government agencies now face the uncertainty of responding to the ever-increasing saturation of information on the coronavirus pandemic as well as specific threats to their employees, customers, and business relationships. 

It is clear that the United States is facing months of uncertainty on public health prevention and treatment, business dislocation, and increased anxiety among the public. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge and facts about the full scope and duration of COVID-19.

The worst option in any crisis is to do nothing. Organizations that plan for the unknown ultimately survive the threat to their brand and reputation. 

While tackling a serious crisis is not in most job descriptions for private organizations, Baerlein & Partners have worked on over one-hundred crisis situations. Each crisis required a particular and unique strategy that protected the organization’s brand and reputation. 

We have seen it all in 30 years of crisis experience. Whether it was the anthrax crisis in the US Capitol that threatened the US mail system or the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, the Baerlein & Partners team has the experience and judgment to protect and enhance your organization’s business.

Services for COVID-19 response include:

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Reputation / Crisis

Work with major law firms and businesses providing reputation and communication counsel services, investigative and threat assessment services and experience with cybersecurity and data breach threats. We have substantial experience with the development of digital microsites, video content creation and production, sentiment analysis and analytics and reporting.


Provide strategic communications counsel and management of advocacy and brand positioning initiatives and business transactions for corporate and not-for-profit organizations. Services also include a full complement of in-house digital technologies and expertise in digital marketing, video content creation, production, paid advertising, analytics, public opinion research, media planning and buying and international consulting services.