CJ Kaplan

CJ Kaplan, a professional advertising copywriter, and Creative Director for over 30 years has substantial business experience in higher education, healthcare, ballot campaigns, financial services, technology, and entertainment. CJ currently specializes in the creation, development, and execution of video content at ELEMENT, either in the form of traditional 30-second TV spots or 60-90 second digital ads.

CJ graduated from Colgate University with a degree in Comparative Literature.   He began his career working in large advertising agencies, writing TV and radio spots, print ads and billboards. Over the last three decades, CJ has authored campaigns for major brands such as Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s, New Balance, Santa Fe Tourism, and Stop & Shop. He was also the creative force behind two improbable ballot question comeback wins – the 2010  Repeal of the alcohol tax initiative and the 2012 NO on Physician-Assisted Suicide referendum. CJ’s immense list of accomplishments includes winning two Emmy Awards for the reality TV show “Sox Appeal.”

CJ has worked with Joe Baerlein for the last eight years and is a valued member of the Baerlein & Partners team.


Evan Saks is a marketing professional with over 30 years of experience, with a principal focus on the use of digital technology in reputation and advocacy campaigns.  Evan currently specializes in digital search, e-commerce/conversion and related digital campaigns for ELEMENT and Baerlein & Partners. He has substantial business experience in higher education, having worked for over two dozen major colleges and universities.

Evan graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a BA in Special Studies in Advertising. Prior to his work for ELEMENT and operating his own e-commerce website, Evan spent 10 years as an account executive at Boston ad agencies, 10 years as VP/ Marketing for a retailer/ etailer, and another decade as a consultant and web/search strategist.

As a Certified Google Partner in Analytics and all six Advertising levels, Evan counsels clients in the areas of the most cost-effective methods to reach your targets, with precise measurement ensuring that quantitative data informs decision making that leads to winning results for clients.

Evan is a recent addition to the Baerlein & Partners team but is already showing his substantial value to Joe Baerlein’s portfolio of clients. Evan’s brings his knowledge on how to implement a sophisticated data analytics campaign that reaches client targets in the most cost-effective manner.


Before Mitch joined the ELEMENT team, he was the SVP Creative Strategist at Digitas and Brand Strategist at Genuine. Now, he oversees creative and brand strategy at ELEMENT. His mission is to deeply understand the consumer in order to develop marketing communications that truly matters to them. In essence, he transforms what brands want to say into what consumers want to hear. He immerses himself in research, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and cultural trends in order to unearth actionable insights that inspire and energize our creative work. Over the years he’s had the privilege to work with many of the greatest brands in the world, like McDonald’s, Gillette, Absolut, Monster.com, Bank of America, Silk Soymilk, Verizon, ExxonMobile, on award-winning and iconic campaigns. In addition, Mitch is known for his work as a voice-over actor, writer and podcaster.